Clean World:  "We strive to make your world cleaner."

Serving Northeast Ohio for Over 30 Years
"We always come shining through."

Clean World, Inc.

Customer Satisfaction is our main priority; we want to help you solve all of your cleaning problems.

Clean World, Inc. was established and has been serving customers for over 30 years.  We specialize in the restoration of all types of floors; vinyl, tile, concrete, carpet, granite, and marble. Clean World also sells high quality janitorial products that have been proven effective and of the highest quality by our Customers and our own Cleaning Specialists. We have a complete line of products and tools for those who wish to maintain their own facilities too. When you have a cleaning problem, Clean World has a solution for you!   

Clean World has never waivered on the quality of our work even during economic down-turns. When our competitors found ways to cut corners to "get that bid," we were determined to keep quality at a consistently higher level. Now that the economy is starting to turn around, Clean World has positioned themselves as the premier floor cleaning company in Northeast Ohio while others have fallen to the wayside.

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1337 Commerce Dr., Unit 6
Stow OH 44224